What is Warren Wireless?

Fast. Reliable. Affordable. Local.

Broadband internet gives access to world-class education, instant communication, endless entertainment, and even medical care and emergency services. Right now the Mahoning Valley is part of 62% of the US that is stuck with an expensive monopoly provider or nothing at all.

Warren Wireless is the result of opportunity, need, interest, and passion meeting at the right place, at the perfect time. As a company, we’re passionate about providing local internet service that is fast, reliable, and affordable.

The Warren Wireless Difference

  • Hyper Local
    • Locally Owned and Operated.
    • Revenues are reinvested into our communities.
    • Local jobs.
    • Local service.
    • Local support.
  • Cutting-edge fiber backbone.
    • No shared DSL over antiquated copper telephone lines.
    • No oversubscribed cable network.
    • Your internet speed is yours.
  • Forever net neutral.
    • Never throttled.
    • Never blocked.
    • Forever.
  • Higher speeds, lower prices.
    • We’re the only provider where as we grow, your bill goes down.