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Our average customer speeds are 5x faster than DSL and 2x faster than cable. We use the latest wireless technology. A small antenna on your roof delivers speeds as high as 1000 Mbps download & upload in select areas.

These aren’t just the speeds we advertise, but the speeds you can experience.




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Strengthen your neighborhood

Our network is uniquely designed to bring many homes and businesses in a community online, with only a few locations needing to be directly connected to our fiber sources or visible from our relay towers. We interconnect antennas with your neighbors’ antennas where possible to create a mesh network. This means that the more customers we bring online, the stronger and more reliable the network gets.

Professional-grade wifi service in your living room

Your internet is only as good as your in-home wifi setup. Router technology has improved so much in the last couple of years that even a router you bought in 2015 may not be up to giving you the speeds you’re getting from us. We carry the latest and greatest in-home wifi solutions to ensure you have fantastic speeds everywhere in your home.

High-Definition Streaming

Households across the country are discovering that online streaming is a great alternative to expensive, commercial-heavy cable subscriptions, but many families find that it’s difficult to stream content online without sacrificing a clear image – especially with more than one user per household. That’s where we come in.

Warren Wireless subscribers are able to simultaneously stream multiple shows to different viewers without worrying about buffering, lowered resolution, or missing out on the next episode of your favorite series as soon as it’s available.

Our excellent reputation with high-definition streamers combined with the money our customers save in monthly cable subscription fees makes cutting the cord both a modern option, and a responsible choice!

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Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m helping our clients right from Warren.

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  • Up to 1000 Mbps download
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We stand with your privacy

Unlike many internet providers, we don't store or sell your personal browsing data.

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